Through The Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You (2012)


Through The Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You is Felicia’s account of toxic father-daughter relationships and their impact on our society. Part memoir, part exhortation, Through the Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You draws on the author’s personal experience and paints a devastating portrait of life in a fatherless household. Through research, the author further reveals that her experience is not as uncommon as we might like to think.

In offering testimony and bearing witness to physical and emotional abuse, Through the Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You also serves as a warning about what is possible if we continue to fail to address the fact that fifty-percent of all marriages end in divorce and children growing up without a father figure are at an increased risk of teenage pregnancy, psychological distress, poor educational performance, criminality, and drug and alcohol abuse.

For those unaware of the problem faced by our society when it comes to fatherless households, Through the Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You will serve as a wake-up call. For those familiar with parental absenteeism, Through the Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You will offer solace.

Through the Eyes of A Daughter is required reading for anyone looking to better understand;

  • The role of the family in our society
  • Your impact you have on your children if you are a Father with limited to no contact with your children
  • Single parent household statistics in America and how this effects children
  • The dynamics of the “Headless Body” family
  • If you are a daughter who grew up without your Father in the home
  • If you are the single parent of children growing up without their Father in the home
  • Searching for understanding of the ultimate Father in your life and home; our heavenly father  

Seeds of Hope (2015)


Seeds of Hope is a compilation of scriptures, inspirational thoughts, expressions, reflections and quotations surrounded in the areas of encouragement, love, relationships, friendships, and salvation. Life can be difficult and challenging; oftentimes, this can lead to frustration and despair. The good news is that we are not meant to face those difficulties and challenges alone. Seeds of Hope reminds us of the inspirational and joyful messages directly from the Lord meant to raise us above our earthly circumstances.

In this book, we are reminded that The Lord’s Word is a seed; we just have to create the most fertile environment for it to grow and for Him to work in our lives. Seeds of Hope uses The Word to inspire in the areas of encouragement, love, relationships, friendships, and salvation. Let these powerfully positive words transform your life!  

Loving You Feels Right But I Don’t Want to Be Wrong (2016)


In Loving You Feels Right But I Don’t Want To Be Wrong, author Felicia Smith offers Godly counsel to men and women who are tired of being stuck in a relationship rut and are ready to date to mate.

Do you keep ending up in unsatisfying relationships?

Do you find yourself returning to relationships that don’t make you feel whole?

Are you always someone else’s Plan B?

Are you just looking to grow closer to your partner and discover God’s will for your union?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. To the uncertain, the lonely, the heartsick,Felicia offers the wisdom and guidance you need to break free of the patterns that have prevented you for being your best self. This book offers a ground-up approach to maintaining a committed relationship, starting with being whole, healthy, and happy as an individual.

Drawing on prayer, scripture, inspirational texts, poetry, and diary entries, Felicia will help you reflect on who you are and what you need from a lover—which is the first step to finding a partner who can complete you. Loving You Feels Right will give you advice on the right—and wrong—ways to date, including warning signs that a partner might not be right for you and questions to ask to determine compatibility, after which you’ll be better positioned to give and receive the right type of love in a meaningful relationship.

In Loving You Feels Right, Felicia draws on her training as a marriage and family therapist—as well as her own personal experience—to provide a road map for singles who want to avoid the next Mr. Right-For-Someone-Else and couples who desire to walk together in the Lord.